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Tribeca Award Winner: The Good Fight

Ben Holman’s 'The Good Fight', with grade by Richard Fearon, won Best Documentary Short at the Tribeca Film Festival

A searing short about Alan Duarte, born in a violent and neglected favela community in Rio de Janeiro, who dreams of finding salvation and building a better future for his son and his community through his boxing project. 

The jury sings the film's praises: “An unflinching portrait of finding hope in a world of danger; a journey of perseverance in the face of tragedy; an uplifting and visually compelling story of redemption. The winner of the Best Documentary Short is The Good Fight.”

Check out the trailer and read more about the project.


Director and Producer

Ben Holman

Executive Producer

Hermeti Balarin


Neirin Jones


Ben Holman


Richard Fearon at MPC

Graphic Design

Marcos Gemal at Mother London

Original Music

Maga Bo, Ben Lamar Gay, MC Cidinho

Sound Design


Additional Sound Design

Sounds and Sons