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Lexus IS, Flow

Directed by Alex Courtes in collaboration with CHI & Partners and Les Télécréateurs, Jean-Clément Soret grades Lexus IS 'Flow'. 




CHI & Partners

Production Company

Les Télécréateurs


Alex Courtes

Agency Producer

Bebe Kiffin

Production Company Producer

Charlotte Lepot

Production Company Post Producer

Romain Gingembre


MPC Paris

VFX Creative Director

Franck Lambertz

VFX Supervisors

Bruno Fukumothi & Renaud Philipps

VFX Executive Producer

Quentin Martin

VFX Team

Aurélien Teurlai, Christophe Duflaut, Stéphane Stradella, William Lanham, Nicolas Martinez, Alex Snookes, Fabrizio Guizo, Dan Cowley, Sivakumar R, Sathya Narayanan, Siju Murugan, Ambalika Nandy, Arun Kumar, Avinash Bhandary, Bruno Roosewelt, Craig Savio Padua, Earnest Victor Manuel, Prashanth Paramasivam, Sravan Kumar, Vijaya Kumar M & Venkatesan D


MPC - Remote Grade


Jean-Clément Soret