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British Army, Your Army Needs You

MPC joins forces with Karmarma for the latest British Army recruitment campaign, directed by Johnny Green

The British Army overturns negative stereotypes about millennials and Generation Z in its latest recruitment campaign.

The adverts, directed by Johnny Green in collaboration with Anonymous Content, tell the story of an individual whose perceived weaknesses become strengths in the Army, such as a binge gamer whose stamina serves him well in the field or a class clown whose spirit cheers up his fellow soldiers.

Alex Lovejoy, VFX Supervisor at MPC, was on set for the shoot and gave an insight into some of the VFX work that was involved: “Our main focus was to enhance the beautiful photography work and extend the storyline. To create the elephant you see in the ‘Gamer’ spot, we used a car with a grey drape for lighting reference, and integrated the elephant into the scene through various poses, with layered dust and grass reacting to it from the jeep as it passes. This was expertly put together using Houdini and helped augment the environment”. 

On collaborating with the director, Alex commented: “it was great to team up with Johnny again and help bring his vision to life. The films are amazing.”

Your Army Needs You, And Your Resilience

Your Army Needs You, And Your Spirit

Your Army Needs You, And Your Stamina




Gordon Lee, Capita for the British Army

Creative Agency



Nik Studzinski


Adam Kean

Creative Directors

Imogen Tazzyman & James Rooke

Agency Producer

Rebecca Hunter

Production Company

Anonymous Content


Johnny Green


Tash Tan


James Waters


Michael Gioulakis

Production Manager

Joe Thornber

Production Designer

Marie Lanna

1st AD

Matt Clyde

Offline Editor

Dan Sherwen at Final Cut



Sound Design

Sam Ashwell

Music Production Company

Soundtree Music


Joel Hartman and Luis Almau

Post Production


VFX Producer

Dionne Archibald

VXF Supervisor

Alex Lovejoy


George K


Andrius Jurkevicius, Andrew Roberts

CG Lead

Andy Steele

DMP Artist

Fabio Santoro

CG Team

Eleonora Donofrio, Lewis Orton, Lucas Bruchhage Marcel Ruegenberg



Senior Line Producer

Sadia Memon


Akula Srikanth


Kishan E Chandran