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MPC creates friendly photoreal bear in Agos spot directed by Mercurio Cinematografica’s Harald Zwart

Our teams of artists are no strangers to crafting CG bears, but the star of this new Agos film required another level of detail. As well as close-ups there posted the unique challenge of the bear’s varied movements: he walks, stands and runs – and his fur has to be perfect from every angle.

VFX Supervisor Jessie Amadio says: “Harald’s vision was to create a character that is believable but not aggressive, as this bear has to be approachable and interact with the little girl; but we had to be careful not to stray into teddy bear cuteness either.”




Casiraghi & Greco


Harald Zwart

Production Company

Mercurio Cinematografica

Production Company Producers

Elisa Colombo & Alessandro Cavriani


Geir Andreassen



VFX Shoot Supervisor

Anthony Bloor

VFX Supervisor

Jessie Amadio

2D Supervisor

David Filipe

VFX Executive Producer

Stefano Salvini

VFX Producer

Russell Forde




Matthieu Toullet

VFX Team

William Laban, Christian Bohm, Chris Welsby, Antonio Deiana, Mattias Lullini, Maximilian Mallmann, Rimelle Kayat, Alexander Kulikov, Kalle Kohlström, Guillaume Weiss