Abarth, Let's Play Again

Bruce St Clair at Indiana Production, Independent Ideas, and MPC team up to create Abarth's 'Let's Play Again' spot

Abarth's fast-paced thrill ride of a spot has had 30,000,000 hits on Youtube, and it's not hard to see why. The ad features an intricate array of CG roads, cars and buildings – all created by MPC, who also applied the dusky grade.

Practically none of the very high ground roads and loops which we see throughout the ad existed in the real world, so the artists were faced with quite the task of realism. The VFX team drew most of their inspiration from extreme architectures - think large engineered bridges and constructions. In order to help the director - Bruce St Clair - visualise the piece, they started pre-vis before the shoot so that he would know how to tackle certain shots and and what pace, particularly the spiral exit and the wobbly parts of the motorway.

Creating a perfectly realistic double of an existing object was the biggest challenge. The MPC team therefore made a custom shader that had the same physical properties as the real version - the result being a CG car that seamlessly flowed without raising questions.




Independent Ideas


Bruce St Clair

Production Company

Indiana Production


Bernd Wondollek

Executive Producer, Indiana Production

Karim Bartoletti

Producers, Indiana Production

Silvia Bergamaschi, Alga Pastorelli



VFX Supervisor (2D)

Alex Lovejoy

VFX Supervisor (3D)

Martino Madeddu

VFX Producer

Stefano Salvini

London VFX Team

Alessandro Granella, Amar Chundavadra, Amir Bazazi, Andrew Roberts, Benjamin Tron, Charles Downman, Chris Welsby, Damien Dupuy, Fabio Santoro, Flavia Minnone, Hendrik Freuer, Jessie Amadio, Jez Hardin, Justin Braun, Kristian Bonne, Mattias Lullini, Maximilian Mallmann, Michael Diprose, Morten Solgaard, Neil Miller, Oliver Metz, Tito Fernandes, Will Laban, Alex Snookes, Alexander Kulikov, Guillaume Weiss, Iain Murray, Mark Pinheiro, Mat Ellin

Line Producer

Chris Preston-Barnes

Bangalore VFX Team

Jacob Oommen, Kunal Sarkar, Sabanayagam V, Gowri SV, Ganesh Kunar, Sugumar S, Sivakumar S, Divya Vijay, D. Sumita, Anbarasu E, Sourodeep Dey, Kalaiarasu P, Manjunath Ramakrishnaiah, Shreyas Joshi, Abhinandan Madhu, Ullas Thunga, Karthik S, Venkata S, Pratyush Paruchuri, Rajesh S, Stalin Balan, Srinivas Achary, Joyett Fernandes, Vamsi Krishna, Mohan Rao, Shaik Abdul Rahim, Sindhuja B, Konduru Achi Raju, Suhas Bhat, Sravan Kumar, Sreenivasa Aditya Yanamalachintala, Vishal Darkunde, Suresh Pitchuka, Jay Joshi, Anurag Singh, Pramod Dwivedi, Kajal Pandya, Trishul Phani Mishra, Arulanandhan, Kiran Veeraswarapu, Sreejimol CP, Yoki, Praveenkumar Samiraj, Subbaiyan




Kai Van Beers


Luca Angeleri