Tips on Applying

Your checklist prior to getting in touch...

Recent graduate or seasoned artist, we would love to see your work. Just remember that we get an awful lot of applications and won’t be able to return any portfolios. So here are a few tips before you apply to make sure you make the best of your application:

How Do I Apply for a role at MPC?

Please apply for roles via our job portal. That will ensure that your application goes into our talent pool for consideration when a suitable role comes up for which you may be suitable.

Show us what you can do

: First, make sure it’s your best work, the things you are really proud of.

: Keep your showreel short and to the point. A couple of minutes are all it takes to show us what you can do.

: You can find more detailed tips on showreels here

: Let us know where you’re working and what you’re working on (we know you may not be able to show us anything).

: If you can, tell us how you did it. If you’re a compositor, show us the mattes and passes you used.

What’s the interview process like?

First, your work will be reviewed by our heads of department. If we’re actually looking for someone with your skill set to join our team, we will give you a call to find out a little more about you, what you’re looking for, what your availability is and where you are currently working.

The next step is a face-to-face interview, normally with a member of the Talent team and the relevant Head of Department. We always aim to give you some feedback within a week of the interview and, even if we don’t have a role for you right away, we will still stay in touch in case a suitable position comes up.

Can I apply again if I'm unsuccessful?

We will keep your details on file even if you are not successful in getting a job with us. If you update your reel please do keep in touch with how you've progressed. You should Link-In with the Talent Acquisition Manager responsible for your discipline.