MPC Talent Webinar - Tech Roles in Film

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MPC Talent Webinar - Tech Roles in Film

Watch our webinar for all you need to know about landing a role with MPC in our Technology team.

Jaw-dropping visual effects achieved in recent MPC shows like The Jungle Book are only possible with a team of software superstars in the background driving things forward in the technology engine room.

We're currently hiring in Montreal, London and Bangalore across a range of different roles and at various levels. Successful applicants in Bangalore will receive training in our newly launched Software Academy so, if you're switching from another industry, you'll soon be an expert in all things VFX.

If you're looking for a new challenge or just want to know a bit more about what MPC has to offer then this is the session to tune into. The webinar includes a presentation from Head of New Technology Rob Pieke hosted by Talent Manager Christian Guthrie.