MPC Launches Software Academy in Bangalore

Use your software skills in the movies...

MPC Bangalore is fast becoming India's VFX hub for some of Hollywood's biggest movies.

To support the growing team of talented VFX artists in the city, MPC is launching a Software Technology Academy - an accelerated VFX learning programme dedicated to the influx of software professionals being recruited from a wide range of different technology industries. The mission - continue to raise the visual effects bar to even greater heights.

The jaw-dropping visual effects like those achieved in recent MPC shows like the Oscar-winning The Jungle Book (below) are created by a heavyweight stack of both proprietary and off-the-shelf tools.

MPC works on the biggest Hollywood projects out there, each with the common challenge: to show the audience something they've never seen before. Producing a never-seen-before image naturally implies new artist tools and workflows, and it is the job of our software team to help create them.

At MPC we are investing for the future and our software new starters go through our Software Technology Academy in Bangalore. It’s an 8 weeks programme for all the developers who join us. Every week has a theme (e.g. Core Infrastructure, Pipeline, CG Tools, Digital Content Creation, etc.) with clearly defined learning goals and metrics for success. Each day starts with a lecture, followed by coding challenges, review/feedback and discussions. It’s a immersion in all things VFX with in-depth learning in one of the most fascinating and evolving technology industries.

Markus Ristich (Software Developer at MPC Vancouver, below) is also a private teacher and has helped design this course from the ground up and has been in Bangalore recently to launch the initiative.

"We really immerse our new technology starters in an A to Z of the VFX industry from a technology point of view. It’s a challenging and fascinating field in which tech professionals can make a visible impact – quite unlike any other industry, really. Technology innovation will impact the entire look and feel of a film - so it will be seen by millions of people in cinemas worldwide.  If you want to switch to an industry that will continue to see dynamic growth and innovation in India – join our team at MPC – we will hothouse your skills and invest in your future with our unique Academy programme.”


Are you interested in joining our Technology Team in Bangalore. We are now hiring software developers, core engineering and software support at various skill levels.

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