Meet the Film Talent Acquisition Team

Find out who's hiring who...

We are currently on a major hiring drive across our studio locations. If you would like to join our global team of artists then please apply via the website for the positions in which you are interested.

If you have a specific question regarding a particular discipline, our studios or anything else then get connected with us via Linked-In.

We can then keep you up to date with developments, new shows and any other MPC news. Email us to say "hello!" -



Omar Morsy (London) is Global Head of Talent Acquisition for MPC. He also hires for the London the groom and rigging teams in London.

Link-In with Omar

Mike Farrell (London) is the Senior Global Talent Acquisition Manager hiring for modelling, FX, crowd and data capture in London.

Link-In with Mike

Christian Guthrie (London) is the Global Talent Acquisition Manager for DMP/environments and animation in London.

Link-In with Christian


Christina Zervos (Montréal) is Senior Global Talent Acquisition Manager for FX, previs and supervisor hiring in Canada.

Link-In with Christina


Michael Jalbert (Montréal) is Global Talent Acquisition Manager for the compositing team globally.

Link-In with Michael


Sylvie Tehbelian (Montréal) is the Global Talent Acquisiton Manager for animation in Canada, editorial, software/technology, layout and systems globally.

Link-In with Sylvie

Karen Berna (Vancouver) is the Global Talent Acquisition Manager for techanim globally, DMPEnv in Canada and for concept art (based in LA)

Link-In with Karen

Matt Rock (London) is Global Recruitment Manager hiring across a range of teams including assets.

Link-In with Matt



Glenn Matchett (London) is the Global Head of Talent Marketing and oversees marketing strategy, outreach and event/roadshow management for the talent team.

Link-In with Glenn


Sara-Laila Ghany (London) is MPC's Talent Acquisition Co-ordinator who provides support for the team. She recruits editorial, production and runners in London and for the compositing, FX and DMP Academies in Canada.

Link-In with Sara-Laila


Elina Sumichan (Vancouver) is the Talent Acquisition Manager recruiting for lighting globally, and the lighting Academy and production in Canada.

Link-In with Elina


Mohammad Tahir (Vancouver) is MPC's Talent Acquisition Administrator who provides support for the team and recruits runners in Canada.

Link-In with Mohammed



Gouri Ratheesh (Bangalore) hires for assets and compositing in Bangalore.

Link-In with Gouri


Pradeep Chandra (Bangalore) hires for software and technology in Bangalore

Link-In with Pradeep