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TechAnim at MPC

Whilst the core of what our TechAnim team does still centres on Character Finishing (cloth, hair or fur based simulations) their overview within the pipeline is much wider than that, incorporating much more of a generalist skill set.

The artists and TDs within our Technical Animation department will work very closely with our Modelling, Animation, Rigging and FX departments, incorporating aspects of all four while still operating as their own separate function within the company.

So what does it take to join this team of fun loving individuals?

Well a background in Rigging is pretty standard however you would also be expected to have at least ventured into the world of Character Finishing.

Cloth simulations are our favourite but we're also keen on fur, hair, feathers or any kind of dynamic interactions.

Some knowledge of scripting is extremely beneficial, preferably Python, as well as an aptitude for problem solving.

Our number one software friend is Maya (and the various sexy plugins we can create through it) and we have started to integrate more aspects of Houdini into the pipeline as well.

Does all of this sound appealing to you? Want to know more?

Connect with our team to find out more about available roles.

Christian Guthrie - Talent Acquisition Manager (London)

Karen Berna - Talent Acquisition Manager (Vancouver and Montreal)




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