MPC First Step

MPC First Step

MPC First Step

First Step is MPC Film's VFX internship programme that offers students the amazing opportunity to sample work and life at one of the world's leading VFX studios over a 8 week summer window.

As a company MPC is keen to encourage new talent into the industry. We strongly believe that First Step provides an amazing opportunity for aspiring artists and technicians to work on some of the most exciting films out there - all whilst they are still completing their studies.

We work on some of the biggest blockbuster films including Batman V Superman, The Jungle Book, Suicide Squad, The Martian, The Revenant, The Hunger Games series and Spectre.

You must be cleared to work in the UK (no VISAs) and have at least one year left on your studies to be eligible.

What we offer

Eight weeks, fully paid and with accommodation provided working at MPC London.

Live feedback on your work from experienced artists and valuable insight into life at a world class VFX facility.

The opportunity to socialise with the people who create some of the most incredible film visual effects in the world!

Regular feedback once you have returned to your studies. The senior artists you meet during the summer school will keep in touch to help out with online mentoring from them and the team at MPC.


Only apply for First Step 2016 if:

1. You are eligible to work in the UK (EU only - no VISAs are accepted.)

2. You have a least one year remaining on your studies (i.e graduating in 2017 or 2018.)

3. You are available to work over the Summer 2016.

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